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Tirunelveli District Cooperative Bank

Tirunelveli District cooperative bank is serving the region for a long. The Tirunelveli DCCB Adheres and reports to the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Apex Bank.

Profile of Tirunelveli DCC Bank

Bank Objective:

Our aim is to become the premier bank in the district by providing various banking services in a modern, fast, honest and secure manner with full involvement to improve the living standards of people from all walks of life.

Bank Activity Target:

Utilizing banking services, financial assistance schemes and technology development to reach out to all sections of the population throughout the Tirunelveli District for the benefit of economic development.

Tirunelveli District Cooperative Bank

Primary Functions:

1. To mobilize savings from the general public and provide security for their money.

2. Providing financial assistance through loan schemes to achieve economic development to uplift the livelihood of the people of Tirunelveli district with the accumulated funds.

3. To help the eligible beneficiaries to achieve economic development through loan schemes under various types of government welfare schemes (Alternative Credit, Tomco, Topsetco and Agricultural Credit Interest Subsidy).

4. Acting as a funding bank for all types of cooperative societies in the district.

5. NABARD, Central and State Government-sponsored loan schemes to reach out to people across the district directly and through affiliated associations.

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