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Sell Old Notes Online Check Notes & Coins Selling Process, Prices Update 2023

How to Sell Old Notes and Coins Online? Old Coins and Notes Selling Process, Expected Currency Prices Update 2023.

Do you have some Old Notes or Old Coins that are rarely available now? Do you know one can earn lakhs of rupees for just one coin? Yes, this is possible now. Some people would love to collect the currencies. The old money collectors will pay you a considerable amount for your rare coin or old notes.

The process of buying and selling old coins and notes is increasing this time. People who love to collect antique things are crazy about old notes and coins which are not available in the market at this time.

We all know that the currency will change from year to year. At the time of freedom Indian currency was dependent on coins but from time to time things changed and one rupee note, five rupees note, and then ten rupees notes circulated. But at this time those type of currency is very rare and people will pay a huge amount for those type of notes and coins.

Complete Process of Sell Old Notes & Coins

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Selling Old Notes and Coins is not difficult at this time. There are many websites where you can sell old coins and notes. By using these websites you can contact the buyer and sell your antique coins. Here in this article, we will provide you the complete information to sell old coins and also provide a complete list of websites where you can sell old coins.

In order to sell old notes you have to do proper research to get the best price. First, analyze some websites and research about a specific coin or note and extract the complete price details people are asking for. In this way, you will get a price idea for the specific note and coin.

Coin Selling Process

For selling the old note, you can visit any reputed website or you can choose the websites mentioned in this post. You have to follow the following instructions in order to sell old coins and notes.

  1. First of all, select the best platform to sell your coins & notes.
  2. After that create your account on the specific website or app.
  3. Then list your item there by adding a proper description and uploading the well-clicked photo.
  4. Quote your price for the respective item as per your research or choice.
  5. As soon as the buyer will purchase it you will get your amount while the host platform might take some percent of the amount.

Website or Apps to Sell Old Currency

  • OLx
  • eBay
  • Indian Coin Mill
  • Coin Bazaar

Old Coins and Notes Price

There is no fixed amount for Old Coins or notes, but you can earn thousands even lakhs for an old coin. Some people would love to collect old notes and coins as they are antique now. They can offer you a huge amount for that particular note or coin if they might find it antique as per their requirement.

For example, if a person has 1 paisa, or 10 paisa coins then he can earn thousands, even lakhs of rupees for the same coin. You just need to find the right platform and right buyer for your currency and you will get an amount you even not imagine.

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