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Raja Rani Result for Coupon Lottery Today Live 20th October 2022

Raja Rani Coupon Lottery Result Today Check Live Raja Rani Result for 20th October 2022 Updates (Bihar, Jharkhand, and the Other States): The Raja Rani lottery holds multiple draws throughout the period of a single day. These draws start with the very first coupon draw with this lottery, which takes place at 8:30 in the morning. If you are also curious more about the coupon result of the Raja Rani lottery, you have come to the right spot. The answer to your question can be found right here since this is the location where the Raja Rani Coupon Result can be found.

The draw for the coupon that belongs to that time will be shown on this page of Hyderabad DCCB as soon as the lottery draw is completed. This continues until the end of the lottery day, which takes place at 6:00 p.m. You will find it simple to obtain the Raja Rani Lottery Results as each of these winning ticket numbers will be posted on this page immediately as the draw is performed and the results are announced.

Raja Rani Lottery Result Today 20th October 2022 Draw Live

Draw Time Coupon Name Results
08:30 AM Rajarani Pehla Daw 52
09:00 AM Rajarani Subah 36
09:30 AM Rajarani Kiran 31
10:00 AM Rajarani Hindustani 51
10:30 AM Rajarani Prabhat 77
11:00 AM Rajarani Lajawab 99
11:30 AM Rajarani Samrat 22
12:00 PM Rajarani Deluxe 31
12:30 PM Rajarani Noon  
01:00 PM Rajarani King  
01:30 PM Rajarani Royal  
02:00 PM Rajarani Millenium  
02:30 PM Rajarani Hundred  
03:00 PM Rajarani Diamond  
03:30 PM Rajarani Sona  
04:00 PM Rajarani Express  
04:30 PM Rajarani Special  
05:00 PM Rajarani Sandhia  
05:30 PM Rajarani Chandani  
06:00 PM Rajarani Sham  

As was said previously, this particular lottery conducts coupon draws multiple times per day. As a consequence of this, the results of this lottery are announced at a variety of different times spread out throughout the day. This lottery’s draws start at 8:30 in the morning and continue all the way through 6:00 in the evening. The draw for each of these prizes takes place once every half an hour.

This lottery is quite popular in the Bihar and Jharkhand states of India. The Raja Rani Results of approximately twenty draws are announced all at once throughout a single day. The times that each of the draws in the Raja Rani Lottery takes place are listed above along with the winning numbers for your convenience.

How to Play Raja Rani Lottery Game?

raja rani result

If you are interested in taking part in and playing the Raja Rani lottery but unsure of how to go about doing so, you have come to the proper location since this post will educate you on the method that must be followed. Those people who are interested in taking part in this lottery are required to purchase a lottery ticket for the Raja Rani Lottery Game. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the period for that you are purchasing the ticket is perfectly clear in your mind.

This ticket will have a particular number written on it. After the results of this particular lottery have been decided and announced, a winning number will be provided on this page. You will have to verify to see if the number that was announced and the number that is printed on your ticket are the same. You are the winner of this lottery if the numbers match.

Raja Rani Coupon Names

The fact that each of these draws has its own unique name makes it much simpler for the gamer to obtain the results and prevents them from becoming confused about the results. The names of all the Raja Rani Lottery Coupons for the Raja Rani lottery are shown down below:

  • Rajarani Pehla Daw
  • Rajarani Subah
  • Rajarani Kiran
  • Rajarani Hindustani
  • Rajarani Prabha
  • Rajarani Lajawab
  • Rajarani Samrat
  • Rajarani Deluxe
  • Rajarani Noon
  • Rajarani King
  • Rajarani Royal
  • Rajarani Millenium
  • Rajarani Hundred
  • Rajarani Diamond
  • Rajarani Sona
  • Rajarani Express
  • Rajarani Special
  • Rajarani Sandhi
  • Rajarani Chandni
  • Rajarani Sham

Raja Rani Lottery Coupon – Frequently Asked Questions


When does the Raja Rani Lottery draw take place?

The Raja Rani Lottery’s first draw starts at 8:30 AM and continues til 6:00 PM. The draws are conducted every 30 minutes between 08:30 AM and 06:00 in the evening.

How many Raja Rani Lottery draws are conducted daily?

Approximately, 20 Draws take place daily under various coupon names of the Raja Rani Lottery. Their live result is also announced at the given times.

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