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PNB Balance Check Number, Check Bank Balance Using SMS, App

How to check PNB Bank Balance using SMS Punjab National Bank Balance Check Number, App: PNB clients easily access a wide range of facilities and services. The bank, one of the most important financial institutions in the country, is widely recognized for this. Additionally, it successfully and efficiently meets all of the diverse banking demands of its customers.

Credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, savings accounts, and other financial services are among the options available to Punjab National Bank customers. Most of these services are accessible online, through mobile or net banking. By dialling the PNB balance check hotline, owners of savings accounts may check the balance of their PNB accounts. There are more ways to review your account balance, all described on the page below.

How to check my PNB account balance?

pnb bank balance check number

Punjab National Bank offers a net financial office to its clients. When customers open an account with the bank, they can sign up for net banking and access their accounts using a User ID and password that the bank will provide. By using the steps listed below, account holders may check the balance of their PNB accounts.

Three Simple Steps for Checking Your Account Balance at Punjab National Bank

Whether they have an internet connection or not, customers may utilize various methods to check the balance of their Punjab National Bank accounts. There are many ways for customers to check their account balance, all of which are detailed in the sentences that follow.

PNB Balance Enquiry Number

To find your PNB balance, dial 0120-2303090 or the toll-free number 1800 180 2223.

  1. Use the mobile device connected to that account and the bank to make a missed call.
  2. By making a reservation at a local bank branch, you may sign up your phone for SMS notifications.
  3. An SMS will be sent to you with details on your account balance, including any FD, savings, current, etc.

SMS Method for Checking PNB Balance

It is easy to send an SMS to find out the balance of a PNB account. Your 16-digit Account Number is to be changed to 5607040 by BAL to get your PNB balance through SMS.

For a balance inquiry, see the PNB Mini Statement.

You can also call 1800 180 2222. You may get a brief bank account statement by calling this number.

Balance check number PNB

The bank’s customers may use the associated cellphone number to call the specified helpline number at any time to inquire about their account balance. Punjab National Bank offered toll-free lines to cut down on wait times caused by heavy client traffic.

You may check your balance by calling any bank support number directly, via an IVR system, or by making a missed call & sending an SMS from the corresponding cell number. It is recommended to make advantage of the missed call blocking features to promptly check the account’s available balance through SMS Statement.

Support for customers

  • 1800 180 2222 (Toll-Free number).
  • 1800 103 2222 (Toll-Free number).
  • 0120 2490000 (Tolled number).
  • Email: care@pnb.co.in
  • Missed Call Banking numbers include 1800 180 2223 and 0120-2303090.
  • SMS Banking number: 5607040.
  • USSD Code for Checking Balance: *99*42#

PNB Balance Checking through Online Net Banking

Customers who open bank accounts will have access to the bank’s online banking services, which they may register for at that time. Clients may use the supplied user ID and password to enter their net banking accounts. They may verify their record balance by utilizing online financial services by employing the techniques described below.

You may use an ATM to check the balance of your PNB account.

Customers may instantly check their account balances by using the neighbourhood ATM. Customers are directed to complete the steps below at the PNB ATM closest to them.

• You must take your card to the closest ATM and insert it into the reader.

• You will next need to enter your four-digit ATM PIN.

• The “balance check” option must be selected.

• After that, the ATM will print a receipt and display the amount of the PNB account.

App PNB One.

Customers of PNB Bank may access the full range of financial services from the convenience of their homes using the PNB One App, which functions similarly to internet banking. You can use the PNB One App to check the balance of your bank account.

The PNB One app must first be downloaded and installed from the Play Store or the App Store. You must then launch the app and log in using your login credentials. After that, by selecting the Account tab, you must go to the account summary tab. Finally, choosing which bank account you wish to see the amount for would be best. The balance of your PNB bank account will then be shown.

PNB mPassbook

Using the app, you can check your balance through an e-Passbook. 

You can check detailed and mini statements as per your choice. The statements can be downloaded too on your mobile device. 

PNB mPassbook app can be downloaded to both Android and iOS.

PNB MobiEase

You can avail of the services of SMS Banking and missed call banking even without using the internet. But the PNB MobiEase app is available for Android devices only.

Account holders must choose a language before calling the free hotline offered to check their PNB Record balance. If you have any queries, kindly post a remark below.

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