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Pathan Review 2023: Pathaan Box Office Collection of Day 1, Day 2

Pathaan Movie Review: Check Pathan Box Office Critic Review, Box Office Ratings, First Day and Second Day Box Office Collection

Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Bollywood “Pathaan” is released on 25 January 2023 worldwide. Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan is making a comeback as a lead after four years of gap. Previously, Shahrukh was seen in a lead role in Zero.

Pathan movie has attracted controversies with the first song release named “Besharam Rang”. Many social activists and some religious units showed their anger against the song and the outfits used to picturise the song. Since then, hypes have been made for the film.

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Pathan Movie Box Office Review

Pathan is receiving overwhelming responses from the audience. The final report on whether you should watch it or not will be published by the evening.

Pathan Box Office review by the Public.

The public is really liking the movie. Pathan Movie has witnessed a great grand opening at the box office. The movie is likely to break all-time records for box office openings.

Some of the reviews read this:

“Pathaan is the best action movie this decade. Very Entertaining Action-Thriller movie, from start to end you will not take a break for anything. Expect high adrenaline chasing sequences, fresh spy story, super tight racy screenplay, amazing locations, superstar cameos, blockbuster music, with Terrific Direction & Performances by #ShahRukhKhan & #JohnAbraham. Five out of Five star,” comes from another common man.

“I was really scared about its storyline but it did not upset me it was 4/5. And beside storyline, screenplay dialogues and everything were just superb. I wont spoil anything here go watch it. All the audience in the theatre were really enjoying the movie. Watching that love from audience i think this movie is a lambi race ka ghoda (sic),” comes another public review.

Pathan Box Office Critic Ratings

  • KoiMoi – 3/5
  • TOI – 3.5/5
  • IMDB – 7/10
  • Indian Express – 3/5
  • Rotten Tomatoes – 4.5/5
  • Bollywood Hungama – 4.5/5

Bollywood movies have long been a staple in Indian cinema, captivating audiences with their larger-than-life storylines, iconic songs, and dazzling performances. In recent years, the box office performance of Bollywood films has been nothing short of impressive. From big-budget blockbusters to independent productions, Bollywood movies have consistently drawn in large crowds and generated significant revenue.

The box office success of Bollywood films is not just limited to India, but also in the overseas market, where they have a huge fanbase. The industry has been seeing a trend of movies breaking the record of highest-grossing films and the numbers are only going up. With an ever-growing audience and the constant evolution of technology, the future looks bright for Bollywood and the Indian film industry as a whole.

Pathan Box Office Collection Day 1, Day 2

  • Day 1 Collection – 54 Crore
  • Day 2 Collection – 70 Crore

The movie has witnessed record-breaking openings at the box office. The movie has garnered 124 Crore in two days.

Pathan movie is being screened at more than 5000 screens in India alone. The film was expected to open as a record breaker. Pathan movie has already broken all records in Advance Bookings.

It is expected that Pathaan will revive Bollywood which is running at a dull pace since the pandemic. Experts in the field are saying that the film is going to make a historic opening at the box office with an opening day collection of Rs 45 to 50 crores. We will have a report tomorrow with exact data on the same.

On 24 Jan a report was published in various media sources. That read, According to leading ticketing platform BookMyShow (BMS), more than 1 million tickets have been booked. The advance sales of ‘Pathan’ are starting in phases, with over 3,500 screens available on BMS so far, besides the introduction of morning shows which has increased demand. “Cities have received an overwhelming response across India with cinemagoers choosing different formats including 2D, IMAX and 4DX across cities,” Ashish Saxena, COO – of Cinemas, BookMyShow, said in a statement.

The pre-release anticipation for the film was exceptionally high, with a significant number of advance bookings being made not just in multiplex theatres, but also in single-screen venues. In Mumbai’s well-known single-screen theatres such as Gaiety, Galaxy, and Maratha Mandir, a staggering 70 to 80 per cent of tickets were already pre-booked. This film is one of the first Bollywood productions to see such strong advance bookings in the southern regions of India as well. Furthermore, the film is being released in not just Hindi, but also in Tamil and Telugu, and it has already received a positive reception in Kerala upon its release in its original language, Hindi.

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