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Panchayat Season 3 Release Date, Story, Trailer, OTT Availability

Amazon Prime Panchayat Season 3 Release Date – When will the new season of Panchayat be available online? In 2020, the first season of the Panchayat web series was released on Amazon Prime at the time of lockdown. This web series was seen a lot by the people during the time of lockdown and that is why its rating has also been very high.

After watching the first part of the web series, season 2 was highly demanded by the people, and keeping in mind the demand of the people, the shooting of its second part was started. In the year 2022, the shooting of Part 2 of this web series ended and the makers announced to release on 20 May 2022. It also turned out a big success just like the first season.

According to some media sources, there was news that the web series has been leaked and its makers made this web series live on Amazon Prime 2 days before its release date. After this, season two of the Panchayat web series also got a lot of love from the people and the audience started demanding that its third part should be brought as soon as possible.

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date – Web Series Highlight

Panchayat Season 3 Release Date

Web Series Name Panchayat
Available Seasons 2
Writer Chandan Kumar
Cinematography Amitabha Singh
Director Deepak Kumar Mishra
Distributor (OTT) Amazon Prime Video
Languages Hindi
Star Cast
  • Jitendra Kumar
  • Raghuvir Yadav
  • Chandan Roy
  • Faisal Malik
  • Neena Gupta

The first and second seasons of the Panchayat web series have received a lot of love from the people. Seeing this enthusiasm of the audience, the makers started shooting for season 3 and we will talk about the same today as the news has come from the makers regarding its release date. Although there is no news of its shooting ending yet.

But it is being speculated that the shooting will be over by the end of this month and the third part will also be released in the first quarter of 2023. It is very good news for the fans of the Panchayat web series that the web series will be released in 2023 and it is expected that this part will also get as much love as its first and second parts.

Panchayat Season 3 Story

The story of the third part of this web series will start again where its second part ended. So let’s know where season two ended – In the story of Panchayat 2, we got to see a love story, in which the assistant Vikas looks like a curious spectator behind Rinki and Abhishek. He wants to know what is going on between the two.

Another unique thing we get to see in season 2 of the web series is the character of Rinki. Its arrival is sudden at the end of season one which makes season 2 more special. On the other hand, Abhishek also seems a little disappointed with his life.

Because Abhishek’s friend Siddharth has got a package of 1.5 crores in a multinational company and on the other hand he is stuck in a place like Phulera with ₹20,000/month. The end of Panchayat Two’s web series was very interesting, so now it is going to be as much fun to watch Panchayat Season 3.

Panchayat Season 3 Trailer

If we talk about the trailer of Panchayat Season 3, then it will be released about one month before the Panchayat 3rd Season Release Date. Although no date has been released by the makers nor any news has been given about it. But it is speculated that the web series will be launched around March-April 2023.

Panchayat season 3 Cast

  • Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi
  • Neena Gupta as Manju Devi
  • Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey
  • Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan
  • Shrikant Verma as Parmeshwar
  • Prateek Pachauri as Babloo
  • Ebaabdullah Khan as Dabloo
  • Biswapati Sarkar as Prateek
  • Faisal Malik as Prahlad Pandey
  • Chandan Roy as Vikas
  • Pooja Singh as Rinky
  • Subendhu Chakraborty as Mangal
  • Sushil Tondon as Bindeshwar
  • Jyoti Dubey as Sushma
  • Sandeep Shikhar as Deenbandhu
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