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Michael Jordan Net Worth 2023, Height, Age, Family, Quotes, Shoes

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also famous as MJ, is a reputed American businessman and a former professional basketball player. He is considered one of the greatest all-round players in the history of the basketball game. Jordan played for fifteen NBA (National Basketball Association) seasons, winning six matches with the Chicago Bulls (American Basketball Team). 

Besides being among the most valued basketball players, Jordan became popular worldwide for his remarkable product endorsements. He has been a known face for brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Hanes, Wheaties, and MCI. As per a report, Jordan’s net worth is estimated at around $1.7 billion. 

Michael Jordan’s Net Worth

Michael Jordan Net Worth

According to a report published in 2022, Jordan’s net worth or net income is estimated at $1.7 billion. In 2017, Forbes honoured Michael Jordan as the athlete with the highest career earnings. He is the sixth richest African-American, after Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, David Steward, and Kanye West. In September 2020, Jordan became an advisor and investor for DraftKings. He also co-owns an automotive group, which is named after him. Jordan also owns a few restaurants in the city. 

Michael Jordan’s Age & Height

Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, 1963. He will turn 60 in 2023. His height is 6ft 6 inches, and his weight is about 98 kg. Initially, he was in Brooklyn, New York City, for almost 5 years. In 1968, Jordan moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, with his family and started schooling at Emsley A. Laney High School. 

Michael Jordan Family

Michael Jordan was born to bank employee Deloris (nee Peoples) and equipment supervisor James R Jordan in 1963. Michael was the fourth child in their family of five children. Michael Jordan married Juanita Vanoy in 1989 and has 3 children with her.

After a few years of marriage, they divorced, and later, Jordan married Yvette Prieto, a Cuban model. With her, Jordan has two beautiful daughters, Victoria and Ysabel. As per reports, Jordan gave his first wife a huge sum of US$168 million as alimony. 

Michael Jordan Biography

Jordan attended the Emsley A Laney High School in North Carolina. This is where he started focusing on his athletic career. Initially, he was rejected for being too short to play basketball. Later, he proved his worth by becoming a star of Laney’s junior varsity team. Gradually, he grew taller and got selected for the 1981 McDonald’s All-American Game, where he scored 30 points. Jordan was also selected by several college basketball programs, which include Duke, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Jordan made his NBA debut in the year 1984 at Chicago Stadium. Jordan’s contribution to the team is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Jordan became the only player to score 3000 points in a single season. He was also recognized as the NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

In 2015, Jordan was awarded the Charlotte Business Journal’s Business Person of the Year. In September 2020, Jordan became an advisor and investor for Draftkings.

Michael Jordan Awards and Achievement

Michael Jordan received many awards and recognitions throughout his career. Some of his most recognized individual accomplishments include six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player awards, fourteen NBA all-star game selections, nine All-Defensive First Team honours, three NBA Steals titles and the 1988 NBA Defensive Player of the Year award.

Michael Jordan Quotes

Here are some of his famous quotes that will improve your day.

1. “ The key to success is failure.”

2. “Failure makes me work even harder.”

3. “I’ve never been afraid to fail.”

Michael Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan used to wear different kinds of shoes while playing. It was in August 2020 when his shoes were auctioned. As per reports, his shoes were sold for $615,000. Jordan is also associated with Air Jordan, a line of basketball shoes and athletic apparel produced by Nike. The Air Jordan XIV became a star after MJ played his last game in this pair for Chicago Bulls. 

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