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Manifest 5th Season Release Date! Will there be another season of the series or not?

Manifest Season 5 Release Date 2023: If you are a fan of the supernatural drama, one name that would be familiar among the many American TV series is Manifest. And we also know that you are now reading this with the hope of something good that you can expect, the arrival of the next series. 

While most of us enjoyed the episodes, season after season, till season four, the recent announcement has left us all disappointed and with fingers crossed in the hope of some good news. 

What Is the Manifest Series About?

For the rest of you hearing the name for the first time, this is a supernatural drama centred around the crew and its 191 passengers who were found to be missing from a commercial aeroplane for more than five years, so much so that they are assumed to be dead. 

The storyline is bizarre, revolving more on the otherworldly, with passengers reporting unexpected things like voices and future events, all of which keep a viewer hooked to the screen. Binge-watch through the different series right from the beginning, where we have the Montego Air Flight 828 heading from Jamaica to New York until they go home to find major changes to their lives and loved ones. 

You will be glued to the series if you are fond of the supernatural. Only be prepared for the disappointment you will face after season 4. 

A Background To the Manifest Series

Developed by Jeff Blake, the series was first released in the US on the 24th of September 2018 and premiered on NBC. This was followed by a series of good ratings, leaving viewers with much to hope for from the following seasons. 

It was first decided that the series would be developed with six seasons. However, it was later reported that the fifth season would not be aired for some reason, which has left many TV producers petrified about the arrival of Manifest Season 5. 

So, one can only imagine the emotions of Manifest fans, who were left eagerly waiting, only to have the sad news broken to them in June 2021, leaving fans who were curious for answers from the last season now frustrated and wondering whether this decision of there not being a fifth series is permanent. 

Season four, having ended on a cliffhanger, left fans of the TV series with several questions, making them look forward to the next season. 

Can We Expect Manifest 5 Season? 

So, will the Manifest make a return? Well, sadly, for now, the answer is no. In other words, there is going to be no Manifest Season 5.

One reason for this could be the decrease in the number of ratings by the year, which has played a role in discouraging producers who are only finding it more challenging to cope with the expenses that the TV program would demand in the coming years, what with the lockdown and the challenges that it brings. 

While it is true that the show was met with many positive rankings up to season 3, which is hardly surprising, rating records soon shattered immediately after. 

Consolation: You Still Have Four Manifest Series

And so, with that, we can end up saying viewers and faithful fans of the Manifest series will have to contend with all that they get till the last episode of the fourth series. 

We hope our little article hasn’t disappointed you, and if it did, well, there is nothing much we can do, is there? In other words, we too are, like you, equally disappointed in knowing that there is going to be no fifth season of this series. 

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