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Gautami Patil Video MMS Leaked, Lavani Dancer was changing clothes in this Viral Video

Gautami Patil MMS Video Watch Online Lavani Dancer Gautami Patil’s Leaked Viral Video News: “A case has been registered at Vimantal police station in Pune on the basis of a complaint by 26-year-old Gautami Patil. The incident took place when Lavani Dancer Patil was changing her clothes at an event.” An unknown person shared an objectionable video of famous Lavani dancer Gautami Patil which went viral on social media.

A video of Gautami Patil changing clothes has surfaced online. It is alleged that an unknown person secretly recorded the video of dancer and actress Gautami Patil and leaked it on the internet. According to the complaint, the accused allegedly made a video of the woman artist while she was changing clothes for an event.

The accused then allegedly posted the viral video on his Instagram account and then circulated it on social media. The accused has also allegedly threatened to make videos of Gautami Patil and her associates viral.

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Neither do we have the video of the dancer nor do we promote the sharing of such objectionable content. If you come across any such video then being a good citizen it’s your duty to not circulate it any further and also report the source of the video. Someday, one of your own may be a victim of such activities and then you may feel what Gautami Patil is going through right now.

Assistant police inspector Shivdas Lahane is investigating the case. There is an atmosphere of public anger after an obscene video of a female artist went viral, with many expressing their support for Patil and demanding strict action against the accused.

The video MMS clip was taken from a mobile camera while the Lavani Dance artist was changing clothes at an event. The accused circulated the Gautami Patil MMS Video from two accounts on social media.

What’s happening in Gautami Patil Viral Video Case?

This incident is leading to angry reactions. Now important news has come out about the Gautami Patil viral video case. Now the police have also come into action mode. The atmosphere on social media has heated up over the same video case. Many have demanded action against the culprits.

State women’s commission chairperson Rupali Chakankar has also reacted to the issue in a tweet. Now the police are also working on this case. A case has been registered at the airport police station. This has created a stir in the state. Her fans are also furious. The shocking incident took place with Gautami during an event in Pune.

In this regard, Rupali Chakankar, chairperson of the Women’s Commission, said that the Women’s Commission has informed the Cyber Department, Inspector General of Police through a letter that an action programme should be announced to prevent cyber crimes against women, in which strict action must be taken.

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