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Download Driving License, RC, Insurance, PUC Online 2023

Download Driving License Online RC, Insurance, PUCH Login & Download Link: We all know how stringent traffic rules have gotten today, and this is no surprise, with the number of accident cases we have on the rise each day.

If one were to closely follow the news, we would see how incidents are happening almost every other day, all thanks to people merely choosing to break rules as they head their way.

To top it all, we have drivers without licenses on the increase, so we only know how well to expect from the roads today.

Mandatory Documents To Drive A Car

Download Driving License, RC, Insurance, PUC Online

This is where the government has decided to step in and do its part, creating a set of rules that anyone driving a car on the road should follow today.

For one, drivers must possess a driving license that makes them eligible to be behind the wheel and on the road any day. Apart from this, he also needs proof that he owns the vehicle he is driving.

A pollution letter, PUC certificate, and insurance are a few other things a driver must possess.

Download Driving License PDF Online

While this is one of the most important things, a driver has always been required to possess. This is more so today, where driving on the road without a license is not just illegal but to be followed by strict action. Action will be taken under the New Motor Vehicle Act, where a driver can be invoiced for Rs 5000.

A license proves that a driver has been recognized by the government and can drive. It is attained after a thorough process of investigation. One can even have a copy, which will be accepted by both the government and the traffic police today.

Read on to know how a driver’s license can be downloaded today.

  1. Go to Digilocker website i.e., http://digilocker.gov.in/
  2. Click the Get More Now option.
  3. Go to Search document and type driving license.
  4. Select the transport department based on your state. For example, Gujarat.
  5. Click the driving license.
  6. Enter your name and license number.
  7. Click get documents, and your driving license will be saved in the application.

You will now find your driving license file ready before you.

Download Registration Certificate (RC) Online

An RC certifies that they are the vehicle owners and that the vehicle they are driving is valid and registered by the government. This has become mandatory for all drivers today, per the New Vehicle Act of 2019. A driver without an RC will be asked to pay a fine.

Why go through it when the registration certificate, like the driver’s license, can easily be available online?

  1. Login to your Digi locker application http://digilocker.gov.in/
  2. Click the Get More Now option.
  3. Go to Search document and type transport department.
  4. Select the transport department based on your state. For example, Gujarat.
  5. After the transport state is selected, you will have many options shown.
  6. Click registration of vehicles.
  7. Enter your name and registration number.
  8. Click get documents, and the requested Registration Certification is downloaded.

You will now find your RC before you.

Get Vehicle Insurance Certificate Online

Under the new amendment law act, a vehicle without life insurance will have to pay a fine of rs. 2000 for the first time. This amount will be increased to rs 4000 if the vehicle is caught for the second time.

  1. Login to your Digilocker application website link – http://digilocker.gov.in
  2. Select the ‘Get More Now” option.
  3. Select ‘Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  4. Select ‘All State’.
  5. Select the ‘Vehicle Insurance Certificate’ option.

You can now enter your registration number and download your insurance certificate.

PUC Certificate/ Pollution Certificate

This is the Pollution Under Control Certificate. This certificate is valid only for a certain time; hence, one cannot do this online. A driver without this certificate will have to pay a challan of Rs. 10,000 by the prosecution under section 190 (2)

The certificate costs Rs 60 for a two-wheeler and Rs 80 for a four-wheeler. If you still want to make the certificate online, you can reach out to your nearest PUC registration centre to receive all the assistance you need.

Here are a few steps that you can follow

  1. Visit the official website https://puc.parivahan.gov.in/puc/
  2. Enter your registration number.
  3. Enter the given Captcha.
  4. Click on PUC details.
  5. Print them.

Drive Safe, Drive Responsibly

So, to sum up, we can say that this is the little bit that you, as a driver, have to do today to make the road safer for you and me and everybody. All that is required of you are a couple of documents you have to possess on your car’s dashboard.

Not too much to ask for, is it?

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