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BGMI Unban Date for India Latest News Update for Gamers

BGMI Unban Date – When will BGMI be available on Playstore and App store in India? See the Latest News & Updates for the Mobile Game Unban: PUBG Indian variant Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is banned in India for three months. Millions of fans are waiting to return to India. The developers of the BGMI game Krafton are working hard to bring the game back.

If the news is to be believed, the company is changing the location of the servers of Battlegrounds Mobile India, due to which the dates of lifting the ban from BGMI are becoming viral on social media and the internet these days.

The speculation gained momentum when fans saw a pop-up for account migration in the IDs of some of BGMI’s players. The latest reports claim that Crafton is considering changing its location from Singapore and Malaysia to India.

Game Data Migration and BGMI Unban Date

bgmi unban date news

After the ban on PUBG Mobile and now BGMI in India, the fans of the Battle Royale game were very disappointed. This time has been very challenging for them. In such a situation, the news coming about the BGMI Unban date does something positive for them which has made the fans quite excited. Data migration remains a hot topic among BGMI fans these days.

Similar news also surfaced about PUBG last year. However, all this news is speculation at the moment. Some well-known personalities have also claimed that the game will be available again in India soon. Although its time frame has also been leaked. It has been said that it will take time till December 2023 for this game to come, although its exact date is still unknown.

BGMI was banned in July

As you would know that BGMI was banned by the Government of India. After the ban, the application was removed from Google Play Store, App Store, and other places. This game was closed under section 69A of the Technology Act 2000. If some news is to be believed, then BGMI is again making a comeback in India.

Why BGMI has been banned this time?

You must remember that many applications including Tik Tok were banned in India under section 69A earlier because the Government of India believed that apps or games playing with national security should be banned under this law. We can assume that BGMI was also banned in July due to the very same reason. The govt hasn’t disclosed any particular reason so far.

Team Orangutan’s popular eSports player AK OP claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be back with a new publisher. This statement has certainly raised hopes among fans of the game that the game may return. However, till now there is no official clarification from Krafton. Meanwhile, the latest beta version update is indicating that the C3S9 season is coming to both PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

eSports player AK OP said that I have received leaks from sources that BGMI is going to make a comeback with a new publisher. This time the publisher will be Indian and it is one of the biggest companies in India, which I am not allowed to disclose. Although this statement is encouraging for the players, Crafton has not made any official statement about it so far. In such a situation it is better to wait for some time so that the pictures can be clear.

The Final Words about BGMI Unban Date

The news of BGMI’s return to India has been given by a famous YouTuber Technical Guruji through a video on his YouTube channel, after hearing this news there has been a wave of hope among the fans of BGMI. Let us know through the comments about the probable BGMI Unban date!

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